It all starts with AMADEUS... 

AMADEUS ONE is our signature investment feature designed to deliver more returns with less risk and volatility


Simple Process


Connect your Card with your account

Connect the accounts and cards you use to make everyday purchases


Make a Purchase

Next, spend like normal. We’ll round-up your purchases to the nearest dollar.


Invest your Change 

Then, watch your wealth grow as we automatically invest your spare change.


Our Investment Philosophy

Rise Capital combines blockchain and cryptocurrencies most brilliant minds with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology to offer our clients diversified, affordable and liquid exposure to the most profitable and disciplined Cryptoasset investment strategies. 







Portfolios as unique as you

People create an account and they choose the investment risk profile (90/10, 75/25, 50/50).

They then only buy our Amadeus fund index.

AMADEUS ONE is our signature of investment features designed to deliver more returns without more risk.

We take care of the rest 90, 75, and 50 represent the maximum amount we will divert into our conservative managed fund. 

We will give you the ability to play with the 10, 25, or 50 however they want with only 10 coins of our choosing.

Our Investment goal is to

Make it simple to invest in crypto market.

Bring professional trading and portfolio management to an emerging blockchain and cryptoasset class.

Generate Alpha & Minimize Risk. 

Rise Capital ROI > Bitcoin Buy & Hold ROI.

Rise Capital volatility < Bitcoin Buy & Hold volatility.



We Invest in Coins, not Companies


We use manual and automated trading using a multi-pronged approach ranging from short term trading to long term investment strategies. The relative size of a position held by Rise Capital is determined by a proprietary model that evaluates a given coin’s percentage completion along the path to commercial value creation, traded volume-weighted market cap, as well as a litany of qualitative ranking factors.

One of the unique benefits of the market that Rise Capital invests in is the liquidity of the underlying assets. The Firm believes in passing this liquidity on to the limited partners to deliver an even more flexible portfolio strategy.